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A Family Adventure: Visiting Flodden

19th March 2024

A Family Friendly Adventure: Visiting Flodden Field from Coldstream Holiday Park

As you bask in the serene beauty of the Scottish Borders, why not embark on an adventure to Flodden Field? Just a short drive away, Flodden Field offers a captivating glimpse into a pivotal moment in history, making it an ideal outing for families looking to combine fun and learning. A free and worth while excursion during your stay with us at Coldstream Holiday Park.

A Brief History of Flodden Field

The Battle of Flodden, fought on September 9, 1513, was a significant clash between Scotland and England. King James IV of Scotland led his troops into England, meeting the English forces commanded by Thomas Howard, the Earl of Surrey, near Branxton in Northumberland. The battle was fierce, and despite their bravery, the Scots suffered a heavy defeat. King James IV and many Scottish nobles perished in the battle, leaving a profound impact on both nations’ histories.

Getting There

Flodden Field is conveniently located about a 20-minute drive from Coldstream Holiday Park. Simply head south on the A697, and follow the signs to Branxton. The scenic drive through the rolling hills of the Borders will set the stage for a day of exploration and discovery.

What to See at Flodden Field

Despite the lack of physical battle remnants, visitors gain a profound and multifaceted experience. It’s a journey into the past that enriches our understanding, honours those who lived through these events, and provides a space for education, reflection, and connection. By visiting, you contribute to preserving the memory of the Battle of Flodden and gain a deeper appreciation of the complexities and sacrifices of Scottish Borders history.

1. Flodden Monument:

  • Begin your visit at the Flodden Monument, a striking granite cross erected in 1910 to commemorate the battle. This is a great spot for a family photo and a moment of reflection. Take some time to think about the soldiers who fought and the historical significance of this site.

2. Information Boards:

  • Scattered around the battlefield, these boards provide detailed accounts of the battle, the strategies employed, and the key figures involved. As you read these accounts, try to imagine the scenes of 1513: the clashing armies, the sound of battle, and the bravery displayed on both sides. These boards are perfect for a self-guided tour that will keep everyone engaged and help bring history to life.

3. Worlds Smallest Information Centre (Possibly):

  • In the village of Branxton, a public phone booth was acquired from British Telecom for £1 and transformed into a Battle of Flodden tourist information kiosk. This tiny center is equipped with maps, brochures, a three-minute recorded audio guide, and a donation box. It could claim to be the World’s Smallest Visitor Centre.

Food & Drink

A trip to Flodden offers a great opportunity for a picnic, you can stock up on route in Coldstream with great bakers, delis and cafes offering take away options. Or if you fancy something more substaintial a warm meal at the Bluebell Inn at Crookham is a popular option.


A visit to Flodden Field is not just a trip into history; it’s a chance for families to bond, explore, and learn together. As you return to Coldstream Holiday Park, you’ll carry with you the stories and experiences that make the Scottish Borders such a fascinating destination. We hope you enjoy this memorable day out, enriching your holiday with the echoes of the past and the beauty of the present. I addition to a trip to Flodden there are also many memorials commemorating the battle located in Coldstream, why not explore the town and see if you can find them? Or our team on reception will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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