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Biking Tourism Blooms This Year

20th June 2024

A Pedal-Powered Surge: Biking Tourism Blooms This Year

So far this year we have seen a remarkable increase in the number of guests exploring our picturesque landscapes under their own steam. The dramatic increase in the number of guests arriving by bike has brought a vibrant, adventurous and eco-friendly dimension to tourism in Coldstream. So far Coldstream Holiday Park have welcomed enthusiastic cyclists from Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK undertaking memorable journeys, peddling the scenic Coast and Castles Route, and beyond.

The Coast and Castles Route has become a beacon for cycling aficionados. This iconic trail, stretching from Tynemouth along the breathtaking coastline and past historic castles and towns, has seen an influx of international visitors. The brand new Kirkpatrick cycle route is of course a great edition, running across the south of Scotland from Port Patrick to Eyemouth, stopping at towns along the way including Coldstream. In addition to guests from the UK cyclists from Germany and the Netherlands, renowned for their biking culture, have been particularly drawn to the route. Many taking advantage of the ferry routes to Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The appeal of Scotland’s natural beauty and rich history is undeniable, and this year, it has inspired some truly epic cycling adventures. Notably, we’ve hosted Dutch guests who undertook an eight-week journey around the south of Scotland. This extensive tour showcased the diverse landscapes, from the rolling hills and verdant valleys to the tranquil lochs and charming villages. The couple enjoyed the experience so much saying:

“A journey by bike allows you to connect much more to the landscape”.

Today alone we have spoken to three teams, another Dutch and English team travelling the Coast and Castles route and One inspiring couple who are cycling from Durness in the far north of Scotland all the way to their home in North Yorkshire. Quite the Journey!

Environmentally, pedal powered tourism reduces the carbon footprint associated with travel, promoting a greener and more sustainable tourism industry. Economically, Cycling supports local businesses, from bike rental shops and repair services to cafes and B&Bs that cater to weary cyclists who need to source most of their food as they travel. Socially, it fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among locals and visitors alike, united by a love for cycling and the great outdoors.

Looking Ahead, it is clear that biking tourism in Coldstream will continue to grow. The increasing number of guests arriving by bike this year is a testament to the enduring appeal of cycling as a mode of travel. We are delighted to support and encourage this trend of pedal-powered exploration.

While we are confident we can accommodate guests arriving its always best to either book ahead or call in advance of arrival on 01890 234955. If you need assistance with Charging devices etc please speak to a member of staff in Reception. There is a Bicycle maintenance stand in the centre of Coldstream next to Henderson Park.

Finally, we wish you happy and safe Cycling from all of the Team @ Coldstream Holiday Park


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