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Discover Spring Holidays

9th January 2023

Spring is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, brighter and warmer days. For many it signals the start of their holiday season and as the saying goes the early bird catches the worm. Its not just a fantastic time to get away but it also offers attractive low season prices and escapes the summer crowds.

Early Spring can be hard to define by its weather but easily by signals from nature. With lambs playing in the fields, ducklings on the water and plants of all sizes starting to blossom and bloom. A spring trip to the countryside can be a rewarding experience for all.

In 2023 the spring equinox falls on Monday the 20th of March, the point where the days and nights are of almost equal length. While the longer days are easily noticeable there are many subtle signs of spring all around us by the start of March. While camping in March may not be everyone’s cup of tea a self catering holiday in a centrally heated and double glazed caravan could be. The perfect base for countryside adventures during the day and a warm cosy environment for you and your loved ones in the evening. Find your perfect spring caravan holiday here.

Some Subtle Signs of Spring

Dawn Chorus

You might notice the birds have starting signing earlier in the year as they start to look for mates but by March the dawn chorus can be quite the morning soundtrack. The birds you hear are signing to attract mates and marking their territories. There are many species of wild bird in the UK but it is likely you will hear skylarks, song thrushes, robins and blackbirds earlier in the season while smaller birds wait till the temperatures are more suited to their size.

Wild Flowers and Blossom

Many wild flowers start to pop up in early spring, the beautiful white snowdrops and blue bells which can be found in older woodlands spread colour across the ground The iconic British Daffodil blooms from late February till early April, the vibrant yellows of the daffodil trumpets are a welcome burst of colour after a grey winter. The daffodil is not as common as it one was due to loss of natural habitat however you will still find vast banks of daffodils amongst river banks, open woodland, verges and hedgerows.

Cheery trees, Hawthorns and hedgerows start to bare buds and blossom before bursting with colour. The trees foliage grows stronger day after day and before long a wind swept bare tree can be topped with leaves.


Queen Bumblebees spring to life in March and April as they come out of hibernation and visit spring flowers collecting pollen and nectar to start a new colony. There are 24 species of bumblebee in the UK and they play a critical role in pollinating everything from wild flowers to crops and vegetables we eat. Look closely and you will see little pollen baskets on the back legs of a bee which they fill and take back to their nest. Bumblebees also have a fantastic tongue which allows them to access nectar deep inside the flowers.

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