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Holiday Home Finance Now Available

14th June 2024

Experience the Joy of Owning a Static Caravan at Coldstream Holiday Park with Easy Retail Finance

Dreaming of owning your own static caravan at Coldstream Holiday Park? Now, with the help of Tweed Leisure and our flexible retail finance options, that dream can become a reality. Enjoy the tranquility of nature, the comfort of a home away from home, and the freedom to escape whenever you desire, all with a manageable payment plan tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Retail Finance for Your Static Caravan?

Purchasing a static caravan is a significant investment, and we understand the importance of making it as accessible and straightforward as possible. Our retail finance option offers:

Flexible Payment Plans: Spread the cost over a period that suits your financial situation—up to 84 months.
Fixed Rates: Enjoy peace of mind with fixed interest rates throughout your payment period.
Low Deposit: Secure your caravan with just a 20% deposit.

How It Works

Choose your Pitch and Holiday Home

Start your journey by exploring the range of static caravans available at Coldstream Holiday Park. Visit our park to see the models in person or browse our online listings. Selecting the ideal pitch is crucial for your holiday experience. Decide whether you prefer a quiet, secluded area or a spot closer to the park’s amenities. Consider pitches with scenic views, proximity to nature, or convenient access to walking trails. Once you’ve found the perfect caravan and pitch, we can tailor a deal that suits you and we can move forward to the finance application with Anglo Scottish Asset Finance.

Documentation Required
To proceed with your finance application, we will need the following documents:

– Proof of Income: Three most recent wage slips if Employed or Three years of SA302s or tax returns, plus full copies of the two most recent trading accounts (containing three years’ figures).
– Deposit Funds Evidence: Proof that the deposit funds are from savings or similar sources.
– Bank Statements: Your last three months’ bank statements.

We understand that many of our customers have diverse income sources. If your financial situation includes multiple income streams or other complexities, please include an explanatory note to help us understand your profile better.

Application Process
After receiving your documents, we aim to respond to your application within 48 hours. Upon acceptance, please allow 10-15 working days for completion, depending on the promptness of paperwork submission from all parties involved.

Finance Rates

Rates are fixed, ensuring you know exactly what your monthly payments will be throughout the financing term. Below are the monthly payment rates per £1000 financed, after the 20% deposit is deducted:

– **4-year deal**: £25.85 per £1000 (11.57% APR)
– **5-year deal**: £21.74 per £1000 (11.57% APR)
– **6-year deal**: £19.04 per £1000 (11.58% APR)
– **7-year deal**: £17.13 per £1000 (11.59% APR)

Example Calculation
For a static caravan priced at £50,000:
– Deposit (20%): £10,000
– Amount to finance: £40,000

Your monthly payments would be:
– 4 years: £1034 per month
– 5 years: £869.60 per month
– 6 years: £761.60 per month
– 7 years: £685.20 per month

Start Your Journey Today

Embrace the lifestyle you’ve always wanted with a static caravan at Coldstream Holiday Park. Contact our team today on 01890 234955 to start your journey. Coldstream Holiday Park is here to ensure a smooth and enjoyable process from start to finish.

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